The Podcast for Profit team has a background in broadcast media, sales, content syndication and management. We are answering the call from independent broadcasters about growing audience, increasing engagement, getting advertisers and validating efforts with actual results.

You may have started out with high hopes, invested money on the best equipment that you could afford, spent time away from friends, family and sleep – all with the hope of reaching audiences with inspirational, funny and life changing messages.

Yet, the frustration of small audiences, low engagement and little return on your financial and emotional investment,  many cause your podcast to go dark.

In the age of digital media, the barrier to entry is low if you want to showcase your hosting skills to the world. If you have a great idea, and a smartphone, you can become a content producer.

The problem in most cases, is  that so much time is spent on production and programming, but very little time is spent developing the other parts of being a broadcast entity; Sales, Promotions and Management.

The solution is thinking like a successful broadcaster. Most broadcast outlets invest much more resources in the activity of sales, promotion and management,  than they actually do on the content. But, the reverse is true with smaller podcasters. Without the resources and access to expert knowledge, you May not know the questions to ask.

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Podcast For Profit Academy is a comprehensive training/coaching/resource program, that is full of the tools, systems and practices that broadcast outlets use. The same sense of urgency that the big boys have to make their budgets,  have been custom tailored to fit your podcast so that you can actively begin growing your podcast from the first lesson.

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