Only $1200

It is great to have an amazing mission for your podcast. It is even better to ensure you accomplish that mission to Podcast For Profit.  This course will give you everything you need to know to monetize your Podcast for life.

 What You’ll Get:

  • The Podcast For Profits Academy Course
  • 4 Core Modules
  • 16 Lessons Covering:

Sales– Media Kit, Pitch Sheet, affiliate partnerships and more downloadable templates

Promotion – Social Media, Schedulers, Free and low cost tools to get great branding for your show

Production – Tools, Editing, Formatics, Elements

Management  – Logs, Syndication, Legal, virtual assistant support resources …and more

  • Multiple PDF Downloads + Resources
  • Networking That Really Works Course **Bonus**
  • Multiple Online Tutorials  **Bonus**

Setting: Online/Digital

Course Length:16 Lessons

Perpetual Updates: As long as you are on our list, we will send you the latest industry changes, innovations and secrets that can affect the success of your podcast, long after the course is done.

It also includes Handbook with worksheets and reference tips that you will refer to again and again. And includes tools that you can actually use -podcast schedule, contact list, show sheet, a broadcast log, so that you keep up with air date, show topics and guests for future reference.

This course sets you up with everything you need for Podcast Success. Created  to mirror actual million and multi million dollar broadcast outlets, you will have the information and access to all the things you need for success.

The actual tools used in broadcast stations are converted into useable tools for your podcast, video or blog success!