Podcasting is a way to express anything that you'd like to share with the world. I’d love to say that it is free, but just like anything that’s worthwhile – there is an investment.  Podcasters have spent hundreds of dollars to get their sound just right.  But, you don’t need to!  This podcast shows you how to get the right quality, sound and results … for less than $100!

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I have spent a bit more money over time, but it cost me way less than that to start and get a professional sounding show that draws listeners – and you can too!  Plus – all it takes is one day to do it!

Now – assuming you have a computer available to use - how do you get to that point of preparation?  Take these easy steps as a guide to get you there.

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Before you get behind the mic, ask yourself: “What is my topic?”  What interests you the most?  What do your friends and family say is most in your heart to express?  When you find it - that's your overall topic. The best part about this step … is that it’s FREE!


“Where should I record my episodes?”  If you want a professional sounding podcast, you need to have as little amount of noise as possible.  You also must minimize/eliminate outside noise and the possible echo of your voice. For this - your garage (if you have one) is a possible place. You can also do it in a regular room. If it is comfortable enough, you can take your phone, and headphones with a mic - and record in your car. The sound quality is surprisingly excellent, there. However, the best option is to do it in a carpeted closet. The key is to have your listener focus on you - not any other noise that accompanies you. Your voice is the star of your show. Let nothing else supersede that fact.

If none of the previous options are presented to you, then block off time to where your house is quiet and you record your episode. If you live with someone, give them fair warning and ask for them to not bother you in your recording session. The goal is for your voice to shine through in the most optimal of circumstances.

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Your Home on the net is your website. We have a few sites and use great companies like BLUE HOST and Ipage. Both are great, and if you use the affiliate links provided, you can have your site up and running for less than $50 a year. Bluehost is a great company well established company in the online community. Use the link to get hosting for only $3.95 per month. That’s right, your hosting for an entire year, for less than $50.  iPage is another wonderful place for full web hosting. They are not as popular as Bluehost ... yet, but we have a discount for you.  You can get hosting for only $1.95 a month by using the link above. We use them too, and they are actually the host of this page.  There are other choices, as well, but these are our favorites and the ones we stand behind.


You should also have an idea who your ideal audience member is.  The best podcaster/broadcaster makes the listener feel as if they are talking only to them.  This ‘person’ has a gender, age, name and lifestyle.  Get as detailed as possible.  Speak only to him/her when you record - and that person is not you.  It's great that you find yourself interesting - but your listener needs to know that you find him/her important.


If you want to sound professional on the mic, you must have some sort of direction with your broadcasts. Carve out time before every show to know exactly what you are going to say. Have an idea as to how long your episodes are going to last. Plan your content accordingly - and let the magic of your passion, along with a solid plan, take over once you are on the mic.


Choose a podcast home.  Libsyn, Podbean, Podomatic, Spreaker (which has capabilities of post-production on smartphones), and BlogTalkRadio are the main host sites for podcasts.  Monthly charges (anywhere from free - with limited space - to $50/month) for the storage space is needed to store your episodes.

If you want to be taken seriously as a podcaster – you have to list your show on iTunes. One of the requirements for being on iTunes is to have your image/logo for your podcast.  It must tell the story of your show without the use of words.  You can enlist someone to do it for you (like Fiverr – different charges apply) or you can use Canva  to do it yourself … which is FREE!


There are all kinds of  tools that you can use.  As mentioned earlier:  A great smartphone is basically all you need to get started. However - mics, headphones, software and other products make it even better.   Check out this post for a great list of resources, but here's a shortlist that can get you started.

Your biggest expense comes with a mic and a pop filter.  There are many to choose, but the most popular is the Audio Technica ATR2100 and it runs roughly around $60.  The pop filter will cost you a little under $20.

You don’t even need a mixer!  You can plug your mic right into your computer with a USB connection.

As I said earlier - assuming you have a computer, or a smartphone you can do a podcast without buying much.  However - what if you don't have a mic or a computer , what then?  All you need, are a pair of headphones with a mic ($15) and you can either record it right onto your computer via Audacity (a free mixing software) or your smartphone.  After recording - the file must be converted to a mp3 format.  This can be done for free - with NCH.

Note: This is my podcast on THE BEST LOW and NO COST PODCAST RESOURCES


To attract listeners, you must promote, promote, promote!  You can use great images for Instagram, quick descriptions on Twitter, solid posts on Facebook (with Groups) and videos for YouTube.  Right now – it costs you nothing to do it!  You can pay for marketing later.  Remember:  Your audience loves visuals.  Head on over to Canva (as mentioned earlier) and give them those stunning visuals!

Now – what’s left is finding a group that motivates you to improve on your craft.  Your podcast community, like Facebook’s Podcast Discovery Center, is important for your growth … and it’s (mostly) FREE! Also – the help of a mentor or coach is invaluable, too.   Don’t be afraid to learn from as many other sources as possible.

With the microphone, the pop filter, the podcast home and headphones – you will be in business to speak your truth for less than $100!

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