Management – Lesson 1 The Podcast Consumer

 Management consists of EVERYTHING that has to do with the success of your podcast.  If you are a solopreneur, you are the head dishwasher as well as the CEO. When you see that red square, put on your managerial thinking cap, and let’s get started.

Management -Lesson 1

When building your podcast as a business, you are responsible for more than just the microphone, you are also responsible for knowing your competition, the innovations in the field, as well as knowing your industry.

I few months ago, I was part of the live release of Edison Research 2017 – The Podcast Consumer.  It is really great information, and is important for you to know for the start of your learning in Podcast For Profit Academy [PFPA].

The link below is a replay of the information and a few questions for helping you synthesize the information.  Enjoy!


 (please watch the video before you answer the questions)

Question 1: The results showed that 77% of listeners listeners clicked a link and immediately compared to  27% who subscribed (10:30). Yet, subscribers also stated that they listen immediately when they are sent a subscription link.  What does that mean to you and your podcast relative to increasing your downloads?  Answer in the comments below, and in your PFPA journal for future reference.


Question 2: Based on the data (22:00), are podcast listeners more or less likely to follow companies/brands than the US population? What does that reveal about what is good for your podcast?