Podcast For Profit Training Academy


This is not a Podcasting Course… well not just a course!

(This is the covert peak into major media organization operations, got all of their inside knowledge and morphed it into capsules to revive your podcast… kind of intel)



What is Podcast for Profit Academy?

Here’s the dictionary-smarty pants version:

Podcast for Profit Academy™ is a comprehensive online

management development program,  that provides

content creators, specifically podcasters, the information

to grow audience, strengthen engagement and conversion rates,

and create multiple streams of mission focused income.



Here’s the version that doesn’t make your eyes glaze over…

Podcasting is the Frasier Crane of  broadcast platforms.

It needs a course as cool as Roz, as detailed as Niles,

but as comfy as Dad’s chair.

So Eddie created Podcast for Profit Academy!



Top Sponsorship Myths 

Many podcasters don’t have the sponsorship that they could, because of common myths. Here are the top two.

Myth#1 –  Sponsors would compromise my podcast!

Find out how to get sponsors who “get it”. They understand what your show is about, and have products or services that your audiences would love to hear about.

Myth#2 – My show isn’t large enough or valuable enough for sponsorship.  

Learn how to “make small sexy”.  No matter how tiny your niche is, there are advertisers who are waiting to connect with your passionate community.  Learn how to connect with them.

This Program Dispels Those Myths and More  

What You Get:

4 Core Modules/Multiple Lessons Covering:

Promotion– Free & low-cost tools to brand your show. Social media schedulers, pitch-sheets, reels, collaboration tips and more.





Sales– Media Kit, Rate Sheets, broadcast calendars, affiliate partnerships, syndication deal secrets, downloadable templates.





Programming/Production – Tools, Editing, Formatics, Elements, broadcast clocks that national advertisers love, the rules of listener engagement.





Management – Logs, Syndication, Legal, virtual assistant support resource, industry experts in media, broadcasting, online support and passive income.




Create Revenue For Your Podcast So That You Can Reach More People And Change More Lives

Your class materials also include a Course Workbook with worksheets and references that you will refer to again and again.

The Workbook has tools that you can actually use including a podcast schedule, contact list, show sheet, a broadcast log, so that you keep up with air date, show topics and guests for future reference.


Learn on Your Own Schedule 

Your classroom is your bedroom, office,

kitchen table, or favorite vacation spot.

Learn at your own pace, wherever you are.





There’s more.  You also get …

– Multiple PDF Downloads + Resources

– Multiple Online Tutorials

Access to our private mastermind with live trainings, industry    leaders and more

– Networking That Really Works  **Bonus**

– Perpetual Updates: As part of our ALUMNI program, we will send you the latest industry changes, innovations and insider knowledge that can affect the success of your podcast, long after the course is done.

– We also provide you with Q&A access for as long as you like.

– And more…


This course was created to provide you and your podcast the same access to information that million and multi-million dollar broadcast outlets have.

What they use to create millions of dollars in revenue and audience reach have been converted into useable tools for your podcast, video or blog success!

Now your podcast can change the lives of those who hear it, as well as change the lives of you and your family.

50 per class –  Register before your seat is gone!




Who Is Teaching The Course?

Hello, I’m Michelle Price-Johnson.  Just like you I am an earthling in pursuit of living a life filled with purpose. My goal is to help real people and amazing organizations succeed.

Me winning a Leadership Award from The Wall Street Journal. Nov. 2017

For several years I’ve worked in broadcasting across the US and in Canada, both on air and in management. I also have a busy consulting practice that helps  organizations hone their strategic leadership success to maximize profitability and efficiency.

I am a 2007 graduate of the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership  Program. I have a Masters in Organizational Leadership and am currently finishing up research for a PhD in Management.  I’ve also completed Executive level Broadcast programs at Georgetown and at Northwestern/Kellogg School of  Management.

More importantly, I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, life group leader, photography hobbyist and lover of action movies. I was born in GA, lived/worked all over the place and currently call Nashville,TN  home.

I believe that life without faith is life without purpose.  Chocolate from time to time is important too!

 So that’s what I have to say about me…  More Importantly, What Are Other People Saying?


This is what I do every day. My job is to help you reach your goals and set new ones that keep your growth ever-expanding.  So, let’s create a plan of success for your podcast.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Organizations That I’ve Worked With

CBSradio   TheOsgoodFile  meetThePress Cumulusmedia fl  westwood-logocnnradio1      wayfmlogo2


I’d Like To Add You To This List!