Top Reasons Why Podasts Fail


Hey guys!

By now you know that our focus is to save the life of one more podcast... your goal should be to make it yours.

But what does that mean... exactly?

Before we launched Podcast For Profit Academy  there were so many amazing podcasters, with awesome content and passion to share their voice with the world, but who became inconsistent with their broadcasts or who just gave up and disappeared from the podcast word completely.


The top 3 reasons why their podcasts failed were the same:

1. Not enough engagement or feedback from listeners. - You did all of the work to create a great show, and you get no feedback. That is a tough thing.  But, compelling your audience to connect with you means that you have to actually give them something to connect with (more later).

2. The expense in money and time was too high for the return on your investment.

3. You couldn't get sponsorship to offset the expense, and prove that your podcast was viable.


Guess what?  All of these things are overcome by a few simple tweeks, that you may already know about, but aren't doing.

What are the tweaks that can save your podcast?

1. Need feedback? Are you asking for it? Having an amazing CTA (call to action) is super important. Make sure that you motivate your listeners to engage with you and sign up with your email list.  Three great CTAs:

List some of your favorite resources or tips that your listeners would love

Create subscription only experiences; Secret content, membership to your free Facebook group, etc.

Just ask them to subscribe so that they know when your next episode comes out and other great info

The importance of creating a compelling CTA is that it grows your list, and gives you the much wanted connection with your audience.


2. More outflow than income?  

Get the best resources available at the lowest price. This post can help.  

Set goals for audience growth, networking connections, social media impact and more.

Network with a community that can keep you knowledgeable about the latest info, cost effective solutions and can help you when you need it.


3. Think your audience is too small for sponsorship? No matter how small or super focused  your audience is, there are sponsors who align with your audience.

Know who your audience is, and what they like.

Be able to describe your audience to target the right potential sponsors.  

Create a broadcast calendar for your show, so that your potential sponsors know that your content is consistent, and so  you are consistent.

These changes can resuscitate a dying podcast and boost your audience, engagement and sponsorship.

The best way to implement these tips for your podcast is with the Seamless Sponsorship Method™.  We show you how at Podcast For Profit Academy.

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